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Welcome to the New York Station Classifieds.

We hope that these pages are of assistance to you in your daily life in the Mito / Hitachi area of Ibaraki, Japan.

Buy n Sell, Teachers Available, Teachers Wanted.

We suggest using email or a mobile phone for contact but you are free to put as much contact information as you choose.

It is a good idea to provide information about times of availability and suitable location/venues for exchange of goods or teaching classes. This will increase your chances of finding the right people for your circumstances.

Posts will expire after two months when they will be deleted from these pages.

Please keep your postings succinct. People using these pages for purposes other than the above intended will be banned from using this service. Please don't spoil it for yourself or others.

Thank you, the staff of New York Station.

Buy n Sell, Teachers Available, Teachers Wanted.

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